Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“The Olive Mill Studio” Extra Virgin olive oil is produced from the homeland of the polyphenol-rich “Memecik and Delice” olive varieties that are only hand-harvested while they are green and immature.

The current lands of the olives we extract are from the famous plain and slopes of the ancient kingdom of Pergamon. The salty winds of the Aegean Sea, which blows all the time, give these plains and slopes a flavor superior to their peers.
In our studio-type oil plant, which allows for extremely limited production, we first wash the olives that we have carefully selected with cold water and then purify them from their leaves and branches. And so our extraction procedure begins.

Polyphenols should not come into contact with water due to their properties. They are also sensitive to temperature. Being aware of this, we do not break our olives, we just cut them. Olive, which is not exposed to hammer blows, comes to malaxer without heating. It is kneaded in isolation from oxygen.

But there is another challenge waiting for us. An early harvest olive is never suitable for yielding oil because it is not ripe. We know this well, but at the same time, taking into account the sensitivity of polyphenols to temperature, we knead at a constant temperature of 24°C and constantly monitor the process.

We have developed a 2-phase decanter that works without water. A smaller decanter than its counterparts. This is a solution that limits our oil production but does not leave us in need of an aqueous system separator, as it has a higher speed.

Then, we rest the olive oil we produce under nitrogen and in stainless tanks for at least 15 days. And we pass this olive oil that we produce for you through a paper filter and bottle it under a vacuum. This polishing process is for you to keep a bottle of extra virgin olive oil alive and fresh longer.

This process is a real cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil process. It is not traditional. It is the product of disciplined work with good technology and culture. And as a reward, extra virgin olive oil, which has a high polyphenol and a strong antioxidant structure, is reached. It has protective properties for your health.

According to European Regulation 432/2012 (L 136/25. 5. 2012 p. 26), – The Health Claim may only contain olive oil containing at least 250 mg of polyphenols in 1 Kg of olive oil. “The Olive Mill Studio” has produced an extra virgin olive oil that goes beyond this limit.

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